MKG is a company which is specialised in Lotus Notes.

    We can help you with solutions to current problems with Lotus Notes, and can also enhance your knowledge of Lotus Notes by specialised trainings and workshops. This is offered in both areas of development and administration.

    Lead by a dual Principal Certified Lotus Notes Professional (P-CLP Certifications), and trainer (CLI - Certified Lotus Instructor) in both Application Development as well as System Administration in Lotus Notes.

    With extensive experience in Lotus Notes it should be possible, with our help, to optimise your existing, or your newly planned Lotus Notes installation.

    MKG is an active participant in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino discussion forums, mailing lists and web sites. We frequently receive requests for free assistance. MKG regrets that we are unable to respond to all such requests for free. Please kindly note that MKG does make a substantial pro-bono / community service effort, by actively choosing to contribute with free responses to many messages that are posted publicly or within BP Forums for usage by other BPs. There are 3 reasons for this. First, other readers can benefit from our answers, and that helps everyone. Second, other readers could correct our answers if they were incomplete or incorrect, and that helps us learn. Third, while we do not engage in spam or blatant advertising, we do want as many people as possible to see our answers so that they might consider hiring our company for Notes and Domino consulting.

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